Pyjama JamIn the funky forest

What is Pyjama Jam?

Pyjama Jam follows four young animal friends who are having a slumber party in the forest. The critters explore the forest during the day by leaping between platforms and collecting the coolest items for the party. The friends can use the items that they collect or bring them back to the cabin. The animal that brings back the most supplies to the cabin during the day is rewarded with a brighter light at night.

At night, the friends must battle spooky monsters as they once again compete to get the most items. Whoever returns the most items by the end of the night wins the right to sleep in the top bunk.

How to Play

XBox controller

Grab an one and play as one of the 4 main characters!

Collect items for points or use them on your friends


Use your own phone and jump in on the action!

Connect to the website and place traps to mess up your friends!

The Team

Front-End Developer
Networking Programmer
Unity Programmer

Projection Mapper
Unity Programmer
Project Manager

Environment Designer
User testing
Item Designer

Music composer
Enemy designer
House designer

Level Designer
Character Designer
Gameplay testing